Evan Meehan will step into day-to-day management backed by an experienced team of advisers.

Evan Meehan has experience in multiple industries across strategy, finance, and operations roles. Most recently, he advised Fortune 500 clients for The Boston Consulting Group. He has also worked in investment banking, business development, wealth management, and equipment finance, but his first job was as a landscaping crew member in the Texas heat.

Evan is the oldest of seven children from a mixed-race, adoptive family. Through foster care, he has had 19 siblings throughout his life. These early experiences drive him to lead a company that supports families and creates opportunity in its community.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from SMU in Dallas and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Evan focused his graduate coursework on family business dynamics and growing small businesses.

Evan and his fiancee, Lacey, currently live in Houston, TX and are eager to see where the next chapter of their lives takes them.